Helsinki midsummer meetup 2024

Tuesday 18.6.2024 starting at 17:00
Lastenlehdon puisto, Kamppi, Helsinki

Let's meet up to jump together in Helsinki! Everyone from all around Finland and the entire world is welcome no matter the age or experience level in rope skipping. The goal is to have fun jumping and meet jumpers from the Helsinki-region or maybe even somewhere even further away.

We will explore rope skipping in all of its flavours: single rope, long ropes, Double Dutch, wheel and whatever funky jumping styles you can come up with.

The event is hosted by Rope Skipping Helsinki and there will be lots of different lengths and kinds of ropes available for everyone to borrow, so don't hesitate to show up even if you don't have a rope of your own.

Lastenlehdon puisto is a park outdoors and as such subject to the unpredictability of the Finnish summer weather, so take a look at the weather forecast and come with appropriate outdoor gear.

The event is completely free of charge. No registration is required.

For further questions contact